Iowa’s Third Dove Hunting Season to Open

It’s  getting close to fall once again, and many hunting seasons will be opening soon. Iowa’s third Dove season opens September 1st. and there should be good bird numbers again this year.  The Linn County Conservation Department manages several areas open to public hunting and establishes food plots on these areas to benefit many species of wildlife.  This year roughly 25 acres of food plots were established in County areas, containing a variety of crops.  For dove hunters the best chance to bag a bird  would be near one of our sunflower plots. There are sunflower plots located at Matsell Bridge Natural Area and Wakipicada Natural Area, consisting of about 5 acres each.  Plots were also planted at Chain lakes Natural area and Gosse Pond Natural Area, however both plots were flooded by the Cedar River and did not produce flowers.  Both of the flooded plots do have an abundance of foxtail however and could still be good spots to try your luck for dove.

One response to “Iowa’s Third Dove Hunting Season to Open

  1. Hardy Freydenfelt

    Thanks for the update on the start of this years Dove season. It’s great to know that there are food plots planted and in what locations. My son and i will take advantage of this during the opening day. We were looking for a place to hunt and with the corn and soy beans still not harvested we now have a place to hunt. Please continue with the updates – they are appreciated!! Can’t wait until the new firing ranges are back into operation at Matsell Bridge

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