Conservation Board Approves New Fees

At its February 25th board meeting, the Linn County Conservation Board approved resolution 2013-7 “Park Fees & Charges”.  The resolution outlines new park fees including camping, cabins, lodges, shelters and camping coupon books.  The last time the Conservation Board revised fees was in 2008.  The Board discussed increased electrical costs and usage as a primary reason for revising the fees.  The following is a summary of the changes.  To read the full resolution, click here.  

12 responses to “Conservation Board Approves New Fees

  1. George Fluharty

    How about a discount for seniors like many other states have?

  2. I agree about the senior citizen discount. Our camping club stays 2 nights , This year 2 of our sites will be Morgan Creek and Pinicon Ridge. We are all retired and $40 is getting expensive. It will make some decide to just stay one night, and you lose money. Is there a discount rate for camping clubs?

    • Hi Nancy,
      Thanks for the comment. There is not a discount for camping clubs, however, we do have a discount camping booklet that is either 14, 40 or 80 day packets. If you’d like more information on the discount coupon books, just let me know!

  3. We have been going to Squaw Creek for over 30 years and are now retired. With the increases that has been put into effect we are now looking for other alternatives to camping in Linn County. Have you every thought of giving Linn Country residents a discount other than the discount coupons. If you camp in Scott County they give their residents a discount. Whenever we camp there we are always asked if we are residents and when we say no we are told to bad because there is a discount for Scott County residents.

  4. I assume this means if we make & pay for reservations now, before April 1, we still get the old rate, correct?

  5. What if I have coupons left from last year

  6. A discount for a senior citizen would be appreciated since we don’t get much else at this time of inflation.

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