Matsell Bridge Shooting Range Update

Improvement Updates for the 100-Yard Range 

The Linn County Conservation Board recently applied for a grant to help support the costs related to the improvements of the Matsell Bridge Shooting Range.  Unfortunately, the grant was not awarded to Linn County.

The Department continues to move forward with design and engineering plans.  The timeline for reopening the 100 yard range is dependent upon design plan completion, estimated costs, construction, and weather – and subject to funding availability.  The Department is currently evaluating proposed rules and regulations.  All information will be presented to the Conservation Board for approval.

Status of the 50-Yard Pistol Range 

The 50-yard pistol range is open daily to the public.  It is open only to those people who have been through the orientation class put on by the Linn County Pistol Club and issued an identification badge by the club.  Users must have the identification badge with them while shooting.

The Linn County Pistol Club will be offering orientation sessions again starting on April 6th.  Orientations sessions are offered the first Saturday of each month April through October starting at 9:00 AM.  Orientation takes approximately one hour.  There is no registration required.

7 responses to “Matsell Bridge Shooting Range Update

  1. Dennis Simonsen

    You might want to tell us where the Linn County Pistol Club is located.

  2. Kari,
    Other than Saturday at 9am at the range, where else can I get this orentation? Also, what other times will these orientations be offered?

    • Hi Dan,
      At this time, the Linn County Pistol Club only offers the orientation on the first Saturday of every month at 9am. We are exploring other dates and time possibilities, but right now, there is nothing scheduled. We will communicate if there are other opportunities available.

  3. Woodrow Smith

    Will there be a schedule made that is explecit in detail about days that are open for the public to use the shooting range?The schedule that is available now is showing days that are in shaded color,but does not show if those days are reserved for police or public use.or what, Seems like there is a definite agenda to deny access to the range for the general public.From the information that relates to when the range will be ready,it wont be done untill at least MAYBE September! That means a full year that this situation has been delayed.

    • Hello,
      Thank you for your comment. We will try to make the range calendar more clear. Any time it is reserved, that means it is closed to the public for law enforcement training. We understand it is a busy time of year for the pistol range and appreciate your patience as we work to get the 100-yard range reopened.

  4. My husband and I are interested in taking the pistol class but we were wondering where the class is located. Please email me at the email address inprovided. Thank you

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