Linn County Fair Scavenger Hunt

In celebration of the Linn County Fair’s 125th Anniversary, The Linn County Fair Association is conducting a GOLDEN TICKET SCAVENGER HUNT.  Hidden in the parks and preserves throughout Linn County and the metro area of Cedar Rapids are 125 plastic eggs (see complete list below). Inside each egg is a GOLDEN TICKET that is redeemable for two free tickets to the grandstand event of your choice during the Linn County Fair which will be held in Central City from June 26 thru July 1.

See the bolded areas that are in the Linn County Conservation park system.  Happy hunting! Log your find at

Abby Creek School Mt. Vernon Road, Mt. Vernon
Alburnett Sports Complex Alburnett Rd, Alburnett
Apach Park D Ave and 26th St NW C.R.
Bertram Park Bertram
Bever Park 2700 Bever Ave SE C.R.
Beverly Park 37th Ave and 21st St SW C.R.
Bowman Woods Park Boyson Road NE C.R.
Boyson Park & Trail Boyson Rd C.R.
Brendel City Park Central City
Buffalo Creek Park Hwy D 62 West, Coggon
Butler Park Springville
Cedar Lake – Loop Trail 855 Shaver Rd. NE C.R.
Cedar River Trail Boyson Rd. to 74th St SW C.R.
Cedar Valley Nature Trail Boyson Rd., Hiawatha  
Cedar Valley Nature Trail off County Home Rd., Robins
Cedar Valley Park 2250 Blakely Blvd. SE C.R.
Chain Lakes Natural Area Chain Bridge Rd, Palo
Cherokee Park Johnson Ave & Midway Dr. NW C.R.
Cherry Hill Park Plainview Dr & Cherry Hill NW C.R.
Cheyenne Park 1650 Cedar Bend Lane SW Ely
Cleveland Park 1600 8th Ave SW C.R.
Coggon City Park Coggon
Community Center Park Rowley St., Ely
Coolidge Park Crestridge Ave & Atwood Dr SW C.R.
Daniels Park 940 Oakland Rd NE C.R.
Davis Park Mt. Vernon
Delaney Park Wilson Ave & Troy St SW C.R.
Donnelly Park 290 W. 8th Ave, Marion
Eastern Iowa Observatory 1365 Ivanhoe Rd, Ely
East Knoll Park 1555 East Knoll Dr., Robins
Ellis Park 916 Ellis Blvd. NW C.R.
Fairfax City Park  Fairfax
Fay M. Clark Mem. Park 1200 N 18th Ave, Hiawatha
Fross Park 1501 Main St., Center Point
Goose Pond Natural Area Lewis Bottoms Rd, Center Point
Greene Square Park 400 4th Ave Se C.R.
Guthridge Park 704 Emmons St., Hiawatha
Hanna Park 775 Fairview Dr, Marion
Hayes Park 19th St & Hayes St. SW, C.R.
Hitaga Sand Ridge Prairie Wapsie Ridge Dr. Walker
Huntington Ridge Park 7625 C Ave NE C.R.
Indian Creek Park Rosebud Rd SE (near bridge)
Ink Pond (on Cornell Campus) Mt.Vernon
J. Harold Ennis Preserve Cedar River Road, Mt. Vernon
Jackson Park Wiley Blvd & Jackson Dr NW C.R.
Jacolyn Park Gordon Ave & Jacolyn Dr NW C.R.
Jay G. Sigmund Mem. Site Boy Scout Road, Waubeek
Joe Emmons Mem. Park Springville
Jones Park Wilson Ave & Fruitland Blvd NW C.R.
Legion Park Otter Creek Rd., Toddville
Lincoln Square Park Main St., Lisbon
Lincoln Way Park J st & Oklahoma Ave SW C.R.
Lininger Park 390 Alburnett Rd., Marion
Linn County Fairgrounds 201 Central City Rd. Central City
Linn County Fairgrounds 201 Central City Rd. Central City
Linn County Fairgrounds 201 Central City Rd. Central City
Linn County Fairgrounds 201 Central City Rd. Central City
Lisbon City Park S. Jackson St, Lisbon YES
Lowe Park 4500 N. 10th St, Marion
Madison Park Midway Rd., Midway
Manhattan Park Ellis Bldv.  NW C.R.
Marion Square City Park 1001 7th Ave, Marion YES
Matsell Bridge Natural Area 3745 Matsell Park Rd, Central City
McCloud Run Park J Ave. NE
Memorial Park 1st St W , Mt. Vernon
Millard Preserve Millard Lane, Central City
Mohawk Park 100 J Ave NE C.R.
Monroe Park 3200 Pioneer Ave SE C.R.
Morgan Creek Park 7515 Worcester Rd, Palo
Navajo Park Worthington Dr. & East Rd SW C.R.
Nixon Park Northwood Dr. & Nixon Dr NE C.R.
Noelridge Park 4900 Council St NE C.R.
North Cedar Natural Area Cedar Heights Trail, Center Point
Osborn Park 13th St & 14th Ave SE C.R.
Otter Creek Natural Area Elf Lane, Palo
Palisades-Dows Natural Area Ivanhoe Rd., Ely
Palisades- Kepler State Park Hwy 30, Ely
Palo Marsh Natural Area Palo Marsh Rd, Palo
Papoose Park 410 30th St SE C.R.
Paris Bridge Natural Area Sutton Road, Coggon
Pierce Park Wenig Rd. (N. of 42nd St NE) C.R.
Pinicon Ridge Park 4729 Horseshoe Falls Rd. C. City
Plaza Park 2nd Ave (Cedar River Island) C.R.
Pleasant Creek Rec. Area Palo
Prairieburg Community Park Prairieburg
Prairie Park Mt. Vernon
Prairie Park Fishery 2125 Otis Rd SE C.R.
Quarton Park between Cottage Grove & Bever Pk. SE C.R.
Rehrauer Natural Area Red Bridge Rd., Coggon
Riverfront Park 1st St W from 5th Ave SW to J Ave NW C.R.
Riverside Park 1225 C St SW C.R.
Robins Lake Ellis Blvd. & 18th St. N.W.
Rock Island Preserve Preserve Way, off 42nd St NE C.R.
Sac Fox Trail Bertram Trailhead, Bertram Rd S.E.
Seminole Valley Park & Farm Seminole Valley Rd NE C.R.
Shaver Park 800 J Ave NE C.R.
Shawnee Park 1101 19th St NW C.R.
Sinclair Park 1236 5th St. SE C.R.
Sokol Park 16th Ave & A St S.W. C.R.
South Troy Park 700 S. Troy Rd, Robins
Squaw Creek Park 4305 Squaw Lane, Marion
Tait cummins Sports Complex 3000 C St SW C.R.
Thomas Park 335 Marion Blvd, Marion
Time Check Park 5th St & J Ave NW C.R.
Tomahawk Park E Ave and 19th St NE C.R. YES
Tucker Park 101 B Ave, Hiawatha
Tuma Soccer Complex 3239 C Ave Ext. Marion
Twin Pines Park 3500 42nd St. NE C.R.
Van Buren Park 28th Ave & 27th St SW C.R.
Van Vechten Park (lower) 12th Ave & 19th St SE C.R.
Van Vechten Park (upper) McCarthy Rd. SE C.R.
Vavra Park Vavra Dr, Ely
Vernon Studt Veterans Mem. Truman St., Lisbon
Veterans Memorial Park 8th Ave & Rockford Rd. SW C.R.
Wakema Park Brooks St., Center Point
Wakpicada Natural Area River St., Central City
Walker City Park Park St., Walker
Westdale Mall Complex SW C.R.
Westdale Mall Complex SW C.R.
Westdale Mall Complex SW C.R.
Whittam Park 15th Ave & 10th St SE C.R.
Wickiup Hill 10260 Morris Hills Rd., Toddville YES
Willow Park 990 2nd St. , Marion
Zeller Memorial Park Co. Hwy W 36, Palo

2 responses to “Linn County Fair Scavenger Hunt

  1. Would like more information about this scavenger hunt. Can they be any where buried, in trees or bushes, hidden inside something else at park? How big are the eggs? Do they have any instructions on/in the Egg as to what someone would need to do with it if they just happen across it.

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