Matsell Pistol Range Orientation

The Linn County Conservation Department will host an additional Matsell Bridge Pistol Range orientation.  Typically, these orientation sessions are hosted by the Linn County Pistol Club the first Saturday of every month between April and October.  However, with the increased interest in the pistol range and trying to better accommodate interested attendees, the Conservation Department will host its own orientation.

The orientation is scheduled for Monday, June 10th at 7:30 PM at the Matsell Bridge Shooting Range.  Similar to the orientation held by the Linn County Pistol Club, no reservation is required.  The orientation will last approximately 30 minutes and all attendees will be issued an orientation certificate that must be on their person at all times when shooting in the 50-yard range.

2 responses to “Matsell Pistol Range Orientation

  1. 1232 Denali Dr,Marion Iowa

    What are the dimensions for target signs .I have a target for the police range,but I dont think It will work without the T shaped stands that are on the police range.

    • The only requirement is that the height of the target be 37 inches. Most people built a stand out of 2x2s. Some make the base out of PVC. There isn’t a restriction on the type of material used for the stand.

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