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August Conservation Board Meeting Minutes

To see the approved August Linn County Conservation Board Meeting Minutes please click August Board Mtg Minutes

July Conservation Board Meeting Minutes

To see the approved July Linn County Conservation Board Meeting Minutes please click HERE

June Conservation Board Minutes

The June Conservation Board Minutes are available here:

June Conservation Board Minutes

Conservation Board Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the Linn County Conservation Board’s May meeting are now available: Conservation Board Minutes May 2013

April Conservation Board Meeting Minutes

Click here to read the minutes of the April Conservation Board Meeting: April 2013.

Conservation Board Minutes

The March 2013 Conservation Board minutes are now available. Download by clicking the link below:

March 2013 Minutes

February Conservation Board Meeting Minutes

February 2013 Conservation Board Meeting Minutes are now available.  Click the link below to read.

February 2013 Minutes

Conservation Board Approves New Fees

At its February 25th board meeting, the Linn County Conservation Board approved resolution 2013-7 “Park Fees & Charges”.  The resolution outlines new park fees including camping, cabins, lodges, shelters and camping coupon books.  The last time the Conservation Board revised fees was in 2008.  The Board discussed increased electrical costs and usage as a primary reason for revising the fees.  The following is a summary of the changes.  To read the full resolution, click here.  

January Board Minutes

Minutes from the January 2013 Conservation Board minutes are now available.  Please download them here.

Linn County Conservation Board Appoints New Leadership for 2013

Linn County Conservation Board Appoints New Leadership for 2013

On Monday, January 28th, at its regularly scheduled board meeting, the Linn County Conservation Board elected new leadership and swore-in a new board member.  

The role of the Linn County Conservation Board provides general oversight and makes policy decisions to direct the conservation program.  Board members are appointed by the Linn County Board of Supervisors to staggered five-year terms. The 2013 Conservation Board Members and their positions on the Board are as follows:

Lu Barron, Linn County Board of Supervisors, President (term expires 2013)
Mike Wyrick, Compass Advertising, Vice-President (term expires 2014)
George Kanz, Shive Hattery, Member, (term expires 2015)
Kristin Eschweiler, McGrath Automotive, Secretary (term expires 2016)
Hillary Hughes, Prairie Capital Advisors, Member (term expires 2017)

Lu Barron PhotoPresident Barron expects the year 2013 to be an eventful year.  “We are looking forward to finishing the expansion at Wickiup Hill and have a grand opening for that facility.  We are eager to begin new projects such as site planning for the Hoover Trail extension from Ely to the Johnson County line and the Grant Wood Trail Highway 13 underpass.”

With the expanded exhibits at Wickiup Hill, the board and staff expect to see an increase in visitors.  Barron explained that the new exhibits focus on Native American history, the Cedar River, water quality and flood plain management.  While educating visitors on these important topics, the exhibits are hands-on activities, such as games and multimedia stations. 

The Conservation Board and department staff have spent significant time working on a strategic investment plan, “Bridge to the Future”.  The plan outlines needs for park improvements and maintenance, capital projects and staff development to improve the quality of life amenities for Linn County residents.  As part of the Board of Supervisor’s “Budgeting for Outcomes” process, the Conservation Board submitted a request for an on-going commitment of $500,000 to invest in the strategic plan.  The Board of Supervisors approved the request to help advance the Conservation Board’s initiatives.  Barron was happy to see this commitment from the Board of Supervisors to the Conservation Board.  “I am proud as a member of the Board of Supervisors to authorize an additional $500,000 to Conservation to help make these projects a reality sooner than later.” These projects will have a direct impact on the quality of life in Linn County.

Conservation Board meetings are usually held the fourth Monday of each month at 4 p.m. at Wickiup Hill Learning Center in Toddville (10260 Morris Hills Rd) and are open to the public.


Conservation Board Meeting Minutes

The Conservation Board meeting minutes from December 2012 are now available.  Click here to read.

Linn County Conservation Annual Report

The Linn County Conservation Board’s FY12 annual report is now available.  Click the title page below to read a copy,  or click here for a printable version.

annual report 2012

Board Member Recognition

Tom Peffer and Mike Wyrick 001 Linn County Conservation Board Member Tom Peffer was awarded a Distinguished Board Member Award at the Conservation Board meeting on Tuesday, December 18th.  The award recognizes Tom for his service to Linn County and the conservation program. 

Tom served on the Linn County Conservation Board for five years from January 1, 2008 through December 31, 2012.  During his tenure, Tom held the offices of Secretary, Vice-President and President. In addition, he served as liaison to the Friends of the Linn County Conservation Board. Tom’s commitment to protecting natural resources, providing recreational opportunities for the community and his support for trails guided his decisions as a member of the Board.  His knowledge and thoughtful consideration of the issues was appreciated by the staff and his fellow Board members.

Tom’s dedication to the Linn County Conservation Board program and his special interest in providing trail connections will have a lasting impact on the Linn County Conservation program and the citizens of Linn County.

November Board Meeting Minutes Posted

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October Board Meeting Minutes Posted

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September Board Meeting Minutes Posted

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August Board Minutes Available

The August Board Meeting Minutes are now available.  Click here to read.

July Board Meeting Minutes Posted

The Conservation Board July meeting minutes are now available online.  Click here to read.

“Several Reasons to Celebrate Bridge Completion”

“Several Reasons to Celebrate Bridge Completion”

Friday, August 24, 2012 – “Today, I have several reasons to celebrate,” stated Linn County Supervisor Brent Oleson as part of a bridge dedication and celebration for late Senator Mary Lundby at Pinicon Ridge Park. 

For years, Pinicon Ridge County Park has been divided by the Wapsipinicon River.  The campground side of the park is on the north side of the river and the day-use, or picnic, side of the park is on the south side of the river.   The river spans about 200 feet from each side of the County Park.  However, in order for park users to take advantage of the other side of the park, it required getting in a vehicle and driving on Highway 13 to the other side, about a 2 mile drive.  That 2 mile drive is no longer necessary.

The bridge project was jump-started by the hard-work and dedication of the late Iowa Senator Mary Lundby.  With Senator Lundby’s advocacy and the help of many partners, $500,000 in seed money was secured for the project.  The project received funding from I-JOBS, the Local Option Sales Tax (LOST) Revenues, and the Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) program.   The total cost of the project was $1.6 million cost.

Shive-Hattery, Inc. of Cedar Rapids designed and prepared plans and specifications for the bridge starting in 2010.  The Linn County Conservation Board hired a contractor and construction started in 2011 for the 520 foot long bridge. The bridge was completed in 2012 and dedicated today in honor of Mary Lundby. 

“Mary Lundby was an avid supporter of conservation initiatives and of Pinicon Ridge Park in particular,” Dan Biechler, Linn County Conservation Director, said. “She was instrumental in securing funding for the trail bridge, and so it is our great honor to name the bridge in her memory.”

Speakers at the dedication ceremony included Supervisor Lu Barron, Michael Lundby (husband), Daniel Lundby (son), Supervisor Brent Oleson and Governor Terry Branstad.  There were several comments related to the beauty of the bridge and the symbolism a bridge has for Lundby’s life and legacy.  Daniel Lundby commented that he couldn’t think of a better memorial for his mother.

June 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the June 2012 Board meeting are now available.  Please click here to read them.