Accessible Trails Notice

The Linn County Conservation Board is committed to offering accessible trails to all visitors. The use of trails in the Linn County park system is predicated upon minimizing adverse environmental impacts and ensuring user safety. Other Power–Driven Mobility Devices (OPDMD) such as ATVs and golf carts shall be allowed ONLY FOR USE BY PEOPLE WITH MOBILITY DISABILITIES.

Trail use by OPDMD’s is prohibited if the following conditions, restrictions and/or circumstances are present:

1. When trail conditions are wet and where use of the OPDMD could cause soil erosion or damage to a trail’s surface.

2. If a trail user’s OPDMD is wider or taller than the trail corridor or trail at it’s narrowest and shortest points or where the device is determined to be unstable or destructive on a particular terrain.

3. When use of an OPDMD presents a safety hazard for other trail users or significantly interferes with or disturbs other users of the area.

4. When the speed of an OPDMD exceeds 5 mph.

5. If the OPDMD weighs more than 1,500 pounds.

6. Off-trail use is prohibited by OPDMD’s.

7. Snowmobiles are confined to designated snowmobile trails only and are not allowed off trail.

The Linn County Conservation Department has completed an assessment of all trails under the control and management of the Linn County Conservation Board.

A determination has been made for trails on which operators of OPDMDs (by individuals with mobility disabilities) are not allowed or allowed with conditions or restrictions.


PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE YOU GO. It is highly recommended that you contact the Linn County Conservation Department (LCCD) in advance of your visit to a particular Linn County Conservation trail to ensure that your particular OPDMD is approved for use on the trail that you wish to visit and that the trail is open and in a useable condition. Contact the LCCD at (319) 892-6450 or email us at