The Linn County Conservation Board is always working on projects.  Projects range from facilities, to parks and trails.  To see a list of current projects, select an option from the drop down menu.  To see past projects, review the list below:

1955 Enabling legislation creates Iowa’s County Conservation System
1958 Linn County voters overwhemlingly approve establishing a Conservation Board
1959 1st land acquired – Mt Hope Access (Matsell Bridge Area)
1960 Land acquired for Wakpicada and Buffalo Creek areas
1961 Administrative offices open – Central City fairgrounds
1961 Land acquisitions for Pinicon Ridge Park, Chain Lakes and Wickiup Hill Natural Areas
1963 Land acquired for South Cedar Natural Area
1964 J.G. Sigmund Memorial Site dedicated
1964 Land acquired for Morgan Creek Park
1964 Abbe Creek Historical Site dedicated
1965 Voters approve $1 million bond referendum to buy land for Squaw Creek Park and other park projects
1965 Land for Squaw Creek Park acquired
1965 Lowhead dam completed at Buffalo Creek Park
1966 Land acquired for Morgan Creek Park
1966 Woodpecker Lodge completed at Pinicon Ridge Park 
1967 Observation Tower at Pinicon Ridge completed
1967 Pinicon Ridge dam completed
1967 Matsell estate land acquisition completed (1072 acres)
1967 Land acquired for Wakema Park in Center Point
1968 Wildlife exhibit opens at Pinicon Ridge Park
1968 Wakema Park and Lodge constructe4d
1973 Watercraft concession operation begins at Pinicon Ridge Park
1973 Arboretum established at Morgan Creek Park
1974 Gun ranges established at Matsell Bidge 
1976 Red Cedar Lodge constructed at Squaw Creek Park 
1980 Cedar Valley Nature Trail acquired
1980 Administrative offices move to County Home Rd
1984 Historic Center Point Depot restored on CVNT
1989 Land acquired for North Cedar Natural Area
1991 Land acquired by gift for Millard Preserve
1992 Land acquired for Hitaga Sand Ridge Prairie Preserve
1992 Friends of Linn County Conservation established
1993 Land acquired for Goose Pond Natural Area
1995 Horseshoe Falls Lodge compelted at Pinicon Ridge Park
1995 Camping cabin at Matsell Bridge replaced with new cabin
1996 Shower facility constructed in Pinicon Ridge Park
2002 Camping cabins constructed at Pinicon Ridge Park
2002 Wickiup Hill Learning Center opens
2003 Campground expansion and showers constructed at Morgan Creek Park
2004 Prairie Oak Lodge constructed at Squaw Creek Park
2004 Grant Wood Trail acquiared (Marion to Martell)
2005 Land acquired for Paris Natural Area
2005 Land negotiated for Troy Mills Natural Area
2006 Strategic Investment Plan developed – a view for the future
2006 Land acquired for Rehrauer Natural Area
2007 EIOLC opens at Palisades-Dows Preserve
2007 Hoover Nature Trail acquired (Cedar Rapids to Ely)
2008 Golden Anniversary of Linn County  Conservation 
2008 Showers constructed at Squaw Creek Campgrounds 
2008 Facility reservation system and new website online 
2008 Gun range expansion (50 yd pistol) at Matsell Bridge
2009 Squaw Creek A Loop Upgrade & Shower Facilities 
2012 Pinicon Ridge Fishing Jetties
2012 Mary Lundby Trail Bridge, Pinicon Ridge Park
2012 Eagle View Shelter, Pinicon Ridge Park
2012 Cedar Valley Nature Trail Paving Project (6 miles to Schultz Rd)
2012 Bear Creek & Prairie Creek Bridge Repairs on CVNT
2012 Squaw Creek Wetland Complete